Back online

    30 Aug 2012 • 1 min read

    Wow, not blogged for over two years. There's the advent of social media for you. Anyhoo, I had a massive server failure so apologies for the downtime.

    However, we're now back! Currently powered by a Shuttle XS35

    I took the moment to install NetBSD-6.0RC1 on it with a current snapshot of pkgsrc. The NetBSD-6 install kernel got the disk sizes wrong, but a NetBSD-5 install kernel gets it right. The downside is that the -5 kernel won't PXE install correctly whereas the -6 kernel will. So a bit of playing around, but I managed a network install in the end. That's the only real problem I've had so far.

    Software wise, everything has been updated to the most current in pkgsrc and I've just copied my old configs over. Seems to be working fine so far. Shout up if you see something broken!

    Will I blog more? Maybe.