Another rc with more features

31 Oct 2007 • 1 min read

Yeah yeah, we really should unmask it. But until vapier gets of his butt and keywords it for his misc arches i get to twist and turn it a little 😃

Anyway, rc6 is now out and features a shiny new logging daemon. This is like blogd from the showconsole package, but has the advantage of being tightly integrated into rc. This allows us to log all runlevel transactions (with the exception of going to single user on FreeBSD and sysinit on Linux).

We also have a new structure for posix shell arrays. Basically instead of quoting each element, they are separted by hardcoded newlines as discussed on -dev. Here are the old and new structures.

array="' netmask;' \
'\*' \
\"'' netmask\" \
\"-I 'option; $FOO with spaces'\"
array=" netmask;
'' netmask
-I 'option; $FOO with spaces'

See, much easier to read 😃