Amazing what the littles things make you do

12 Dec 2006 • 1 min read

So about a year or so ago, I switched from GNOME to KDE because various GNOME applications where crashing regulary - mostly the mail client evolution. And life was good, KDE has drastically improved, looked nice and more importantly worked without many issues.However, kmail has been crashing all too frequently of late, sometimes every time I click an email to read. There's plenty of bugs about kmail crashing in their bugzilla, but I could not find another suitable email client for KDE/QT. So back to GNOME I go, but not using evolution as it's far too bloated. For example, it insists I install spamassassin (pulls in 12 packages just for spamassassin), which I don't want as my spam filtering happens server side.Fortunately, there are good alternative email clients. I've stuck with Slypheed Claws as it seems best suited to my needs. I did try Slypheed, but it wasn't threaded enough - when it's scanning imap folders the UI freezes, which I don't like.There we go. An entire DE change just because I got fed up with kmail :POf course, this means I now have an impetuous to get GNOME working on Gentoo/FreeBSD now 😉