15 hours of emerging on a 333Mhz UltraSPARC

13 Oct 2006 • 1 min read

is what it took to emerge -e system. And no errors too 😄 OK, I had put python into package.provided as it just refuses to re-emerge for no good reason. If anyone has any insight into what is causing that then please let me know!

I rebooted and get kernel panics soon after loading rc and I thought eeek! wtf! :sick: So after chrooting of a livecd and swapping FreeBSD rc other with Gentoo baselayout I rebooted again .... and it worked! wtf? Why should this be?

Turned out it was openvpn crashing the kernel. Not sure why, so I'll need to investigate. Probably due to gcc dropping the __sparc64__ keyword, but I'm sure my patch is puka 😕

But it's getting closer, soon Gentoo/FreeBSD/Sparc64 will be real and here for you to use 😄

EDIT: Turns out kernel crashing is being caused by kldload loading ANY module. This means I can document this as a Known Issue and continue. Obviously it's something we need to resolve before making anything stable.