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No, no, not the company I work for :PI'm looking for somewith with artistic skill to create logos for OpenRC, dhcpcd and openresolv. Ideally the OpenRC logo should also be done as ASCII art with a max size of 15 rows for a curses splash plugin with progress bar I'm working on.Email me your submissions at and I'll pick the winning logo!There are no prizes - other than cookies!

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My bugzilla installation has now been shutdown, and all bugs have been migrated to new trac projects for all of them (found here for dhcpcd , here for openrc and here for openresolv).The main selling point is now an easy interface to trac bugs to code changes and code changes in response to bugs, as demonstrated here. That bug also demonstrates one issue with the bug migration - wiki formatting.Over the weekend, I'll try and implement Multiple Trac Views on trac-0.11 as it looks quite handy to replace the old projects page.The current one in the default trac looks a bit naff :)

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After changing openresolv to trac and svn, I've done the same for dhcpcd. As such, the bugzilla database is now closed for new bugs for dhcpcd and openresolv and you should now use trac for each (found here for dhcpcd and here for openresolv). I've migrated the bugs, attachments, resolutions and activity across for both.

These scripts are for bugzilla-3.0.3 and trac-0.11.1 and assume that no custom fields have been added. They are also coded for specific product id's and my name - you will need to adjust accordingly.

bugzilla to trac sql script. It simply creates new tables for use in a trac db - ticket_change_status needs to be copied into ticket_change though. bugzilla to trac perl srcript. Extracts attachments from bugzilla and creates them in the current directory in a structure for use in trac.

TODO - attachment filesize is 0, this needs fixing.

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Using Drupal as a CMS is nice - it's worked for me very well. However, it's not made for project management. I just had a static page that people couldn't add comments or feedback to (well, they could if I enable comments but that gets messy after a while). I do have bugzilla to handle bugs but I find it too overblown and complex for my needs. Don't get me wrong, bugzilla has it's place and it's a solid project - it's just not suited for my small site. Could be due to my fanatical dislike of perl :P

Also, my company suddenly had a need for a bug tracking system and a colleague of mine suggested trac which I installed on a server. I only looked at track briefly many years ago, and it had promise but lacked in a lot of places. I was pleased to see that a lot of good progress had been made and it's now very useable :) So much so, I've decided to install it here and it now powers the openresolv project page. Because it's made to integrate into subversion I used git2svn to convert the openresolv git repo trunk into an svn trunk. It's now open for business and anonymous users can create and modify tickets and the wiki (well, parts of the wiki).

So is svn better than git or is git better than svn? It's a hard one to answer, both have their pluses and minuses. Luckily there is a trac addon that works with git, so I'll give that a try with dhcpcd.

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You may have noticed an interuption to this service.....I finally got too irritated with the lighttpd configuration. Seems there's a few fastcgi issues which I'm now seeing. Also, development seems to have stalled. :(So, I gave apache another whirl. I don't recall why I changed from apache to lighttpd, but it was propably speed related. This is due to me running this site on an old VIA C3-2 processor and apache is slower than lighttpd - noticably on that box. This new(ish) server is an AMD64 Sempron (2400) and has the horsepower and memory for apache on this small site.Anyway, the configuration layout for apache has also changed drastically since I last used it - and for the better! The Gentoo apache team have my thanks for the nice overhaul :)I'm also playing around trac as a replacement to bugzilla and the dhcpcd project page. I've set it up here against an svn repo I migrated from git a while ago. We'll see if I like this to change over.

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