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I hate the stuff with a vengance. Why spammers feel the need to botspam comments to this lowly site linking to casinos, porn and cheap drugs is beyond me. Well, I get bored of deleting 30+ spam comments each day, so I've put a new spamming filter onto my site. Hopefully this one works better than the captcha which seems to have been bypassed now :(So I've removed that captcha as it's now useless really.

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OK, so after much head banging with installed FreeBSD on my laptop because FreeBSD won't boot from an extended partition, unlike Linux I finally have this beastie installed.I spent a portion of the weekend hacking on baselayout and now have it booting and rebooting without error which is very nice indeed :) Once I get my wireless rt2500 card working on it, which requires I get the pcmcia bit working first then I'll be happy putting that into portage - package.masked of course ;)The bad news is that my laptops in-built ipw2200 doesn't seem to be supported yet - oh well, can't have everything I suppose.

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OK, it's taken longer than I expected, but I've finally come up with a nice patch for bug #46897. 8)We now allow multiple init scripts to provide "foo". Which init script is depended on is based on the following criteria - any started, in your runlevel, first in alphabetical order.Now I just have to get baselayout working on FreeBSD and I think we're ready for another baselayout in ~ARCH - 1.13 :jawdrop:

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Heh, long time no blog :(Anyways, I have been busy what with the recent stabilisation of baselayout-1.12. We think all regressions have been fixed, with a few very minor ones with patches in bugzilla. I've got a small one that only one person has reported which I'll try to fix before the next release in the 1.12 range.So what's coming up in baselayout-1.13 I hear you say? Well, here's a quick list Buffered e output. This allows parallel startup to look identical to non parallel

  • Wrapped e output. Ensures that we never go over terminal width - if we do it's another e call
  • Working [ vserver ]support
  • FreeBSD init support (not networking scripts yet)
  • Critical services can use dependencies (you can no longer set svcdir)
  • BASH TEXTDOMAIN support, so people can translate init scripts I only have two things on my todo list before I'll put an alpha into portage - FreeBSD network support (which may take a while as I don't have a FreeBSD box yet) and the ability to have >1 init script to provide the same thing.So there we go, something to look forward too :)

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