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Well, after all that happened with work and the recent and very successful business trip, I think I deserve one :D

So it's off to the Costa Del Sol for 2 glorious weeks!

To appease the masses, dhcpcd-5.1.3 was released which will hopefully find its way into NetBSD-5.1. Try not to find any new bugs whilst I'm away ;)

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For a week! Another business trip, again to Chicago. Maybe the next trip will be to another part as this will have been 3 times now!

Still, it's a nice city :)

Try not to report too many bugs with my software until I get back ;)

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dhcpcd-5.1.2 has been released with the following changes:

  • ClientID is now reported when interface starts
  • -w, --wait forces dhcpcd to wait until an interface gets a lease or times out
  • 50-ypbind hook added for BSD style NIS
  • Ensure DHCP socket is open when sending a DECLINE
  • Uses new hwaddr if existing interface is downed and then changed.
  • No longer works on firewire interfaces by default.

dhcpcd-5.1.2 has a new behaviour change - when starting up and at least 1 interface has a carrier then it tries to get a lease or times out. It still daemonises regardless. This, along with the -b and -w flags allows total control over the desired behaviour of dhcpcd.

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Nothing major this time, just bug fixes. pkg-config support is now included for openrc and einfo.

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