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So dhcpcd in my git repo has had DHCPv6 support for some time now and I'll do a new release soon so it can get some testing. This is a major wooooo, as I only have a few RFC's for specific options I want to implement (such as NTP) and then we're golden. The only other big change I have planned for 6.0 it so seperate IPv4 foo from dhcpcd.c - hopefully giving it a proper namespace and moving to more TAILQ.

An another note, it's imperative that everyone knows about IPv6 foo if you run IPv6. Todays lesson is scope - a Link Local IPv6 address needs an interface scope. After fixing dhcpcd to append %eth0 (or your interface name) to the link local IPv6 address that then broke openresolv sending to dnsmasq via dbus. That in turn led me to writing a new DBus interface for dnsmasq and the current one didn't cater for IPv6 scoped addresses and the new one as used by NetworkManager didn't work over dbus-send which I need.

So it's been a productive weekend! I may even produce new releases over the weekend once the fallout has setlled ;)

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