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First off, ISC must be given credit for supplying the BIND DNS and DHCP servers. They've been powering a lot of the internet and private networking for many years, including this server. But the time has come to change!

I'm now using nsd as my public authoritative name server and unbound as my private recursive name server. This results in config files much easier to setup and hopefully more security as nsd is very small leaving less room for public exploits. Also, the total memory used after a few days production is 40meg lighter than BIND which is good as my server is really starved for memory right now.

So what's the catch? Well, there is no way of integrating Dynamic DNS with unbound that I can see. I could use dnsmasq as a DHCP server as that can run a script per lease, which means I can use unbound-control to update DNS. But I dislike this as dnsmasq isn't entirely the right tool for the job. So I will probably write dhcpsd, a small portable and entirely new DHCP server that can be used to integrate with DNS via scripts. Watch this space!

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openresolv-3.3.3 has been released with the following improvements

  • unbound support
  • documentation updates
  • more configuration options

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openresolv has been imported into NetBSD, which allows more than one daemon to update /etc/resolv.conf sanely and configure local nameservers for enhanced DNS, especially if running on a VPN. dhcpcd already uses resolvconf when available and dhclient in NetBSD has been patched to use it.

This is important for NetBSD, as many packages support resolvconf, but only when /sbin/resolvconf exists. This meant that a lot of packages that supported resolvconf, failed to work with any resolvconf implementation from pkgsrc.

PPP users who maintain their own scripts are encouraged to try it out :)

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I learned an important lesson about being a parent whilst on holiday - you don't actually have a holiday as you're just looking after the kids somewhere else!

Still, it was very enjoyable. 24-28 deg C with only one day where it was too windy to sunbathe :)

I've done almost zero coding since I got back as I've been involved in meetings so damned much. This is good though, as we now have a very clear idea on how to achieve World Domination! Actually, it means that we spend less time coding to achieve the same end goal which means a better product delivered faster.

The holiday did hi-light an important need - my aging Motorola PEBL isn't up to the job of being a phone anymore AND having one that can be a tethered modem cheaply is essential. Or at least send/receive emails and remote desktop. As such I'm hopefully getting the new BlackBerry Storm2 or BlackBerry Bold 9700. As I'll be making more trips to other parts of the world in the near future, this will become very essential very fast.

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