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In my efforts to improve performance in terms of speed and memory consumption of trac which powers web the interface you're seeing here, I've just installed mod_wsgi.

Initial reaction is that it is lighter on memory and also faster, but time will tell. What I did like is that installation is very simple and well documented, unlike fastcgi or fcgid. Sadly I still need to use fcgid for the non python parts of my site.

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Whilst branching and tagging dhcpcd-5 it seems that a commit I made didn't find its way to the branched and tagged release, hence me releasing dhcpcd-5.0.1

dhcpcd-5 branch. You can see here that I did commit before branching but if you look at the tarball built from svn the commit "Fix existing address detection." isn't there.

Now, whilst this '''could''' be an error on my part, I'm not prepared to take the chance it's also a subversion error. So I've moved all my repositories to git. As I'll be dealing with more branches in dhcpcd soon, and git is supposed to be renowned for branch management, it's a move I've been considering recently.

Anyway, I've installed the trac GitPlugin. It's not as speedy as the SVN browser for trac, but it works fine. If speed is a concern, gitweb is available as well.

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