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Woooo! Jörg Sonnenberger imported dhcpcd-4.0.0-beta into NetBSD recently, and it will now show up in -CURRENT base sets :)I feel kinda pleased by this as NetBSD carries a certain amount of respect that no Linux distribution comes close to imo.dhcpcd-4.0.0-beta5 should be very stable now. I have one bug to fix regarding IPV4LL support. Once fix it should then pass Apples Bonjour conformance tests I'll cut rc1. Maybe add an option to blacklist DHCP servers also.

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Props for this release goes out to Jörg Sonnenberger of NetBSD who's been doing some nice patches :) Part of his patchset changed the sockets to non blocking and relying on zero bytes returned to mark loop end. This makes us more efficient and removes having to expose the interface buffer part of the API to the code that get packets from the socket. Hopefully no regressions have been caused by this.We've also fixed a few bugs along the way, mainly with hostname being set to blank and renewing the right IP for systems without fork().

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dhcpcd-4.0.0_beta1 out now. It has a big change - we no longer enable duid client id's by default. Instead, we have a new parameter --duid, -D to enable it.

Gentoo users should look at bug #219321 for ebuilds. You should enable the compat USE flag if you want to retain commandline compatability with dhcpcd-3.x. This also re-enables duid by default IF the duid file exists.

dhcpcd-4 is now considered pretty much done. I was hoping to have some IPv6 in, but sadly not.

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