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As I threatened earlier, baselayout-1.12.0 has been released. Over a year in the making we've fixed a tremendous amount of bugs and added quite a few new features. Hopefully it will go straight to stable with a minimum of fuss :)A big thanks to all the reporters, patch creators for helping out and a big thanks to the users who keep on sending me fan mail - it's really great 8)

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A lot of people have been asking of late when baselayout-1.12 will go stable. Well, I've decided that enough is enough and I'll be making a 1.12.0 tarball as soon as I get feedback about a unionfs bug. 8) Baring any show stopping bugs that package will be requested to be made stable after the usual 30 days. So now is a very good time to try out 1.12 if you haven't already - just check bugzilla for a few bugs that will be fixed for the next release if you have any issues.AFAIK only two packages need need to go stable before baselayout does and those arenet-misc/dhcp-3.0.4-r1 and net-misc/udhcp-0.9.9_pre20041216-r3.Other dhcp packages that use resolvconf-gentoo don't have to go stable as resolvconf-gentoo is not an actual requirement. It is nice however and there's a good chance that resolvconf-gentoo-0.5 will go stable too.So the only thing left todo is to update some documentation! I hate that part :barf:

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So I'm a Gentoo Developer. That means I devote a lot of my time to fixing your bugs, giving you new features/toys and occasionally breaking your system ;)This does not give you a God Given Right to insult my code, tell me just how wrong I am and then demand that I make changes to fit their vision. That is just totally the wrong way of getting me todo work for free.The way to get me todo work for free is quite simple. Be nice or pay me!This rant was brought to you by the words Open and VPN with the number 132932.

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When I first played around with Gentoo, I found this nifty application called "coldplug" which claimed it would load modules for my hardware and start them. "Awesome" said I as prior Linux distro's I had used never had something like this. So I added it to my boot level and watched ...... it do nothing. Boy did I feel miffed :(

But wait ..... it had actually loaded my modules and started my network scripts in the background. Excellent - life was good :)

After I became more involved with baselayout I discovered that coldplug was starting things too early so we put some crazy fudges in place like not being able to add net scripts to the BOOT runlevel and other such trickery. Now coldplug has been moved into udev itself it's starting even earlier, which forced us to radicaly rethink our coldplug handling and we think we've got it just right now.

You will now be informed which services will be initiated at boot if the service isn't in the boot or default runlevels. Here's the configuaration for it in /etc/conf.d/rc

RC_PLUG_SERVICES="net.wlan !net.*"

Hopefully Greg KH can soon write a udev that can work off these variables so that udev won't even coldplug or hotplug by itself which will finally shut up the moaners once and for all! 8)

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