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PPP users will like this release :)

dhcpcd can be configured to monitor an interface and wait for a static IP address to be assigned. For Point To Point interfaces, we can use this directive

interface pppoe0
static ip_address=
destination routers domain_name_servers

This means that the interface destination is also the gateway and DNS server.

A funkier approach is this

interface pppoe0

This enables DHCP INFORM over PPP - basically the destination should also be a DHCP server (or relay) so we can configure DNS and other nice DHCP things like NTP servers.

However, I've not tested this at all, but some Cisco documentation hints that some Windows machines do this so it ''should'' work :)

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Raymond Hunt

Raymond Hunt aka Pops aka PopPops aka Abbey's Dad passed away peacefully two days ago after a long battle with cancer.

I've not blogged about it because I was unsure if it was the right thing to do. Now I think it is, as this blog is supposed to be a diary of important life events as well as the standard technical stuff I blog about. Anyway, the oddest thing is that I only realised I loved him after he died. Why it should take a death for me to realise this I don't know. Does that make me a lesser man for not realising this sooner, or a greater man for gaining insight at the last?

At least now Abbey seems to have recovered from it, although she is mighty tired. She did spend the three weeks prior to this one at her Mums, looking after her and visiting Ray in his final days. I missed her and Robyn a lot in that time and am very glad they are both now home.

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openresolv-3.0 is now out.

It doesn't have any functional changes or improvements over the 2.0 version. So why the big release? Configuration baby, configuration.

Debian's resolvconf has plenty of mini configuration files, which openresolv has supported. This is quite problematic from a package distribution and maintainability perspective. Also, the implementation required plenty of forking sed or equivalent to parse them which is inefficient.

So openresolv now sports a shiny configuration file, which I think is more flexible and easier to manage. It has a downside and an upside. The downside is that you now have to configure the files to write resolver configuration to for dnsmasq/named. The upside is that if they are unconfigured (the default) then the subscribers don't litter /etc with files you'll never use.

Also, the subscribers themselves have been moved out of /etc and into /libexec as they aren't really configuration files.

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I've just installed ScallyWhack on this server in response to some spam hitting my trac wiki pages which got past SpamFilter.

If you have any issues with this and it's really not spam, then email me or get it in touch via IRC. You will probably need to at least enable cookies and store your email address in the preferences.

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After slaving away with more GTK+ learning, I've finished a promising new dialog for dhcpcd-gtk.

I've also spent a lot of time polishing it with nicer icons, messages and titles. Unlike the previous version, this dialog works fully! It's looking so good, I've just released dhcpcd-gtk into pkgsrc for your pleasure - enjoy :) I also ought to get off my lazy ass and get ebuilds for them into Gentoo - maybe someone can do it for me?

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