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ISP Changed


I as blogged about earlier I've now changed ISP to Goscomb Technologies. Quite a straight forward migration and although the downspeed isn't much better, it's a lot snappier which implies I was congested on the Demon line. However, my upload speed has doubled, which is good news for this server :D

There maybe some more downtime in the near future as I may change registrar as I'll be getting native IPv6 later today (yay, no more tunnel!) and my current one (1&1)don't appear to support IPv6 in their domain / dns setup.

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I've been a loyal Demon Internet customer for a long time now (since 1989 I think). But the time has come to change as they're simply just not the same ISP I first joined, started going downhill when they were bought by Thus. Service speed degradation is now common and sometimes the PPP is just dead even though it gets an IP address. Also, they have no plans for native IPv6.

So I'm changing to Goscomb Technologies because they are slightly cheaper than Demon, have a 24Mb service NOW and offer native IPv6. I did have cause to phone Goscomb up, and it was nice to hear a native English speaker at the other end on a good quality line instead of a non native speaker on a poor quality line due to the customer services section being out sourced. Another plus.

What does this mean for you? Well, on the 29th of this month, the switch should be made, so there will be some downtime and delay whilst the DNS updates. So this is also a heads up :)

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Accelerated OpenGL on NetBSD on my laptop - '''FINALLY'''!

It took some time, but it looks like the NetBSD and Xorg devs have finally cracked ATI X600 laptop cards working :) The final bit on my behalf was enabling EXA acceleration as the older and default XAA caused the screen not to refresh properly.

OpenGL screensavers have been working flawlessly for nearly have the day now, so it looks fairly stable too. However, switching to console and back to X does disable DRI for some reason, so I have to do a full X restart which kinda sucks.

I may now look at getting one of my online games, Eternal Lands working on NetBSD as well :)

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I bit of a development spurt recently, closing a lot of bugs including new feature requests. Anyway, the biggest change is new network script which replaces net.lo and friends. This will not doubt please a lot of people (like me) and make others angry. These angry people can toggle the MKOLDNET flag and get net.lo back again. These same people are also more than welcome to maintain the modules themselves :)

Anyway, although it's the OpenRC default, I don't expect it to become the Gentoo default for OpenRC until modules like PPP and wpa_supplicant gain init scripts - and in the case of wpa_supplicant some needed functionality for hotplugging.

Enjoy :)

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