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OK, so I've started to look at NetworkManager 0.7.0 (SVN) sources so I can integrate dhcpcd into it, thus removing the hard dependency on dhclient. One thing that NM does is flush the interface of addresses and routes at both startup and shutdown. An existing dhcpcd instance does not like this at all and throws a bit of a wobbly, so the GIT repo now has patches to make it a little more robust as the user could trivially do this as well using ifconfig.Also, I think there is becoming a need for dhcpcd to notify other dhcpcd instances. This is so that if a dhcpcd instance is exiting AND it's controlling the default route it can tell other dhcpcd instances about this so one of them could install a new default route. If you feel this is a good or bad idea, then let's talk about it :)

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So I get back from my holiday to find a nasty bug with beta7 where it wasn't renewing the lease correctly. This has been fixed in beta8 :)

Other highlights

  • support for Vendor Encapsulated Options
  • use ifname as IAID if less than or equal to 4 bytes
  • compiles and works correctly with PCC on NetBSD-4.99.69
  • sends LOG_INFO messages to the console by default (suppress with -q)
  • all string based config options are now run through the string parser (effectively means you can be stupid and put escape codes in the hostname, but more correctly in the ClientID or Vendor options)

Other bugs have been squashed as well. Since release, I've also fixed a cosmetic bug where a new IPv4LL address being probed is reported as and dhcpcd now builds and works correctly on NetBSD for use in / if not using the NetBSD source tree.

EDIT: Just released beta9 with a patch that moves the new option -K in beta8 to -X so that we don't conflict with a custom SuSE patch if they want to move to dhcpcd-4. This shouldn't affect anyone as beta8 was only out for a few days.

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