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Well, what I said earlier about being confident about the last release was wrong! Services stuck on each other and a few other things caused a downright mess! :O

This time, I think I've cracked it. What's more is that other people have verified my patches, so all reported services sticking, not responding, not starting when they said they did, etc should now have been resolved :)

I also pushed out a udev/sysinit fix to all baselayouts in preparation for fixing bug #118419. We just await a udev version with the required patch now ;)

Some other noticeable fixes .....

  • We no longer hotplug non ethernet interfaces.
  • Tell the user that a suitable DHCP client is not installed instead of a more cryptic message about modules ;)
  • Tell the user to check hardware/kernel module if "interface is not found" ;)

Too many clueless lusers on the forums these days..... :(

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With recent baselayout-1.12 pre releases, we've changed the default timeouts so things like wpa_supplicant, netplug and ifplugd jump straight into the background and mark the net service as inactive. This is great for fast boots, but it had a problems bug #112088, #118801 :?

Well, those have been solved whilst keeping our nice defaults :) Several other important issues have also been resolved 8) The bad news is that all of this has forced quite a few changes in the code, but everything seems peachy on all my boxes ;)

I'm fairly confident about this new release though - and if it proves trouble free then hopefully a stable candidate? :jawdrop:

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With the recent flame fest on -dev about a lack of vision and innovation its always nice to hear other people praising my work, especially when they're a respected Kernel developer :)And with recent ego stroking from fellow Gentoo dev brix about how easy and flexable the networking config is in Gentoo on IRC yesterday I really do have the Warm Fuzzy Feeling of a job well done :DOf course, it's not done yet - baselayout-1.12 isn't stable (but it's very very close - you have been warned) and we already have some nice features in our trunk which will appear in baselayout-1.13. So if anyone thinks that we're not being innovative enough, simply checkout what baselayout did 2 years ago and what it does now. :PA whole load more! And there's more to come - we're not done yet 8)

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bash-3.1-r2 hit ~ARCH last night which works with baselayout-1.11.However, it does not work with baselayout-1.12. which I corrected this morning. Hopefully everything now works baselayout-wise with bash-3.1 :)

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Bored of the old theme? Well, here's a new one based on CivicSpace with some minor alterations by myself. There's still an odd issue here or there, but they're very minor and don't annoy me that much.If they annoy you too much, then let me know and I'll either fix it or revert back to the old theme.

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