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Just a bugfix release. Highlights include:

  • wpa_supplicant net module now supports the new ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/foo directive in wpa_supplicant.conf
  • netplug/ifplugd/wpa_supplicant up events should now start the interface whilst booting again
  • start-stop-daemon got some fixes regarding process matching and segfaulting

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As blogged previously BSD systems have issues when you try and change or delete the automatically added subnet route. My patches have now been comitted to NetBSD here and here. If your NetBSD version is 5.99.6 or higher, then you can safely know dhcpcd will work (well, in regard to this anyway).

I'll try and get them backported to NetBSD-5 and NetBSD-4 in the New Year.

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Now that I've fixed a NetBSD automatic subnet route issue (applies to other BSD's also) I've released dhcpcd-4.99.7 which should be the final experimental release before we make dhcpcd-5.Also, due to recent fixes for my wireless driver in NetBSD-5 (and then -current) on my main dev box, multiple interface support now really works and dhcpcd is able to manipulate the routing table very nicely. But you may need the above patch for BSD. You'll certainly need it if you use a laptop and have wired + wireless on the same subnet and switch between the two.

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Today I became a NetBSD developer! I'll mainly be working with dhcpcd in NetBSD and some pkgsrc stuff. I do however have two patches lined up for the main NetBSD src tree - two trivial userland applications for POSIX compat (tabs and a new swtich to unexpand).

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Many many bug fixes, but more importantly removes all hardcoded paths and for sysvinit, udev, devfs and mdev. As such we have new runlevels - sysinit and shutdown. You should note that these runlevels should NOT be called by you. You should use the shutdown command instead.

This is especially important for Linux where you can have >1 init system installed. OpenRC only knew about sysvinit and as such, imposed restrictions on these other init systems (including BSD). Now we're totally agnostic for startup and shutdown :)

APS people will now be able to add their commands to the shutdown runlevel to inform the UPS it's about to go down. This now means that OpenRC should be able to finally surplant baselayout-1 in Gentoo!

I've also moved development from Gentoo hosted git to self hosted SVN. This makes a lot of sense for me as I don't really like git all that much and it integrates really well with trac. Lastly, I'll be slowly ending my Gentoo Bugzilla account and asking people to uset trac instead.

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