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It's taken a lot of time, sweat and blood ''(yes, I cut my finger whilst swapping cables testing link carrier detection!)'', but dhcpcd-5 is now cut. No-one has reported any issues for quite some time, so either my work is really good or no-one has been testing it - let's hope it's the former :)

It's now available for download from here, in pkgsrc HEAD ''(so, pkgsrc-2009Q2 when that's cut)'' and NetBSD -current ''(5.99.12 will get it)''. I'll prod it into Gentoo tomorrow and see about unmasking it in a few weeks as we need to get dhcpcd-4.0.13 marked stable first.

Anyway, a big shout goes out to the NetBSD developers and users who gave me good feedback about this, in many aspects. Another goes out to the various people who ensure dhcpcd works on all sorts of weird and wonderful platforms and architectures.

So what does the future hold for dhcpcd? Well, it will sit on the back-burner for a little while now as I concentrate on dhcpcd-ui, OpenRC and a better ifconfig for Linux. But I hope to have IPv6 support in by the end of the year, or at least started.

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Linux ifconfig truely sucks. It cannot handle multiple inet addresses easily (using aliases for the interface name sucks). Also ifconfig sucks for a lot of scripting usage. Whilst iproute2 is a lot friendlier, it's also not ifconfig - which makes portable(ish) network configuration a lot harder.

Lastly, Linux has a lof of misc tools - ifenslave, vlanconfig, etc, which should all be wrapped up into ifconfig. The BSD ifconfig is a very good example of how network configuration should be done.

As such, I will attempt to write an ifconfig for Linux which addresses all the above, with a comprehensive man page. This will make the new network script for OpenRC a lot easier to use in turn. It's not aimed at being an iproute2 replacement as iproute2 handles a lot of other stuff outside of the scope of ifconfig.

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So I've been away on a Cruise to France and Spain, aboard the Oceana to celebrate my Parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary (was last year, but the arrival of Robyn delayed things). It was my first cruise and it was a very enjoyable experience, which the exception of getting an acute allergic reaction from the on board Temple Spa shower gel (my normal stuff leaked).

Since being back I've been very busy and both Abbey and I recovering from various ailments, but we're now in tip top condition! As such I've had time to post some new screen shots.

Now the parents have promised a repeat cruise in 9 years time - can't wait :)

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Some toss pot decided that he wanted my headlights and grill. Luckily my insurance covers it, sadly there's an excess which is marginally more than the private quote I had. But it was a rushed quote and there's no guarantee the other headlight even works, so through the insurance company it goes.

This looks like a steal to order job as they managed to lift the bonet slightly to get the headlights out, but rushed off as one headligh was left dangling.

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The should be the last experimental release of dhcpcd-4.99 as the last feature I wanted is now in - ARP ping support. This is handy for mobile sites that require a static IP. You can configure it like so:

interface bge0

# exists on more than one site
# so we differentiate by hardware address
profile 00:11:22:33:44:55
static ip_address=
static domain_name_servers=

# All other profiles for
static ip_address=
static domain_name_servers=

This now means that dhcpcd can replace the all the interface configuration modules in Gentoo baselayout and OpenRC. This means we can move the link management modules into proper init scripts, which is where they really belong.

So, get testing it and report back any bugs, even compile warnings :)

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