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Last night Abbey and I celebrated 3 years of tender kissing and cuddling :)

Can't believe that it's been so long .... sometimes it feels like I've just met her and fallen in love and other times it's like we've known each other all our lives.

I can't imagine life without her ...... but that's why she agreed to marry me :D

If you are ever in the Hordle area, near Lymington then I heartly recommend the Mill At Gordleton for dining out. Very very nice food, excellent service and unforunately a high price tag! But worth every penny :)

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I didn't mean too, but I did :evil: . A slew of updates targeted for baselayouts trunk made it into the 1.12 branch which I released tonight as pre17. Along with updates to dhcpcd, pump, udhcp and the new resolvconf-gentoo package. Basically if you use this and DHCP then you will need an ~ARCH dhcp client!The good news is that this release works better with udev-089 forcing coldplug removal. Basically we detect coldplug scripts starting before we are ready for them and dynamically add them to the boot runlevel when we're good to go. This actually works very well, much better than coldplug starting them in the background as you have solid visual feedback about why the service was started and if it started successfully or not :)

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