Re: dhcpcd 9 and network-manager

Roy Marples

Thu Jan 21 13:09:23 2021

On 21/01/2021 12:37, Tim Tassonis wrote:
If it only disabling privsep, I'm totally fine with that, as I never really saw the upsides compared to the added complexity for a network daemaon mainly performing privileged operations.

It's not quite that simple :)

You need dhcpcd-9.3.3 or better and the patch here:

Hopefully merged upstream soon so NetworkManager can enjoy dhcpcd-9.

Thanks a lot for the info. So, is this for privsep setup only, or for dhcpcd-9 in general? I decided I don't need privsep, is this still optional in dhcpcd-9?

dhcpcd-9 in general.
Basically older versions always modified the host in some way or still backgrounded the master processs with the -B option. dhcpcd-9.3.3 changes that and added the --noconfigure option which is why it's now tied to a specific minimum version which makes upstream NetworkManager very happy.

In dhcpcd privsep is currently optional and there are no plans to change that.


Re: dhcpcd 9 and network-managerTim Tassonis
dhcpcd 9 and network-managerTim Tassonis
Re: dhcpcd 9 and network-managerRoy Marples
Re: dhcpcd 9 and network-managerTim Tassonis
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