Re: Lease renewal requests every 60 s with dhcpcd 8.1.9

Roy Marples

Tue Jan 19 19:24:43 2021

On 19/01/2021 18:41, Thomas Albers wrote:

I am using dhcpcd-8.1.9 under Gentoo Linux, and once the leasetime is
50 % expired, dhcpcd continually requests a new lease every 60
seconds, or so, continuously. The DHCP server is dhcpd-7.2.2 on an
Openwrt router.

This behaviour seems similar to that seen in the mailing list post
"Problematic Buster dhcpcd lease renewal behavior", dated Sat Dec 19
22:50:17 2020. The patches in the reply dated Sun Dec 20 07:19:06 2020
are already present in dhcpcd-8.1.9, so it's a problem with similar
symptoms or the patch does not solve this bug.

This is incorrect.
The dhcpcd-8.1.9 package for Gentoo has no patches.

Please see log excerpts below. Leasetime on DHCP server is set to 12
h. Anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

Apply the patch locally for the time being or upgrade to dhcpcd-9.4.0.
I might release a new dhcpcd-8 version at some point.


Lease renewal requests every 60 s with dhcpcd 8.1.9Thomas Albers
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