dhcpcd-9.4.0 released

Roy Marples

Mon Dec 28 13:52:43 2020

With the following changes:

 * DHCP: For anonymous, just use a generic ClientID
 * link: Split hardware address randomisation out of anonymous option
 * link: Only report hardware changes for active interfaces
 * link: Report errors obtaining recv buffer size on overflow
 * hooks: Add NOCARRIER_ROAMING reason
 * hooks: interface_order now reflects priorities again
 * Linux: SECCOMP fixes for privsep for various platforms
 * Linux: Persist IP when wireless is roaming

With this release, NOCARRIER_ROAMING and CARRIER *after* NOCARRIER_ROAMING now requires either no resolvconf or a resolvconf which supports the Deprecate -C option and the Activate -c option. If your resolvconf lacks these and the OS supports NOCARRIER_ROAMING (Linux, NetBSD-8) then the hooks will emit errors maybe some usage text. However, it will still work, just not optimally for multi-homed hosts.

It's my understanding that wireless roaming needs to be setup elsewhere, so in theory it's only NetBSD-8 releases onwards which will need the resolvconf upgrade for a working default setup. Anyone who tracks NetBSD-current is fine.


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