Re: dhcpcd kills all connections on Wi-Fi roaming betweenaccesspoints

Roy Marples

Sun Dec 27 22:05:14 2020


On 27/12/2020 21:38, Boris Krasnovskiy wrote:
Hi Roy,

I was wondering, it’s more code optimization, but wouldn’t it make sense to move NOPRESERVE_IP condition logic into if-bsd.c into roaming function. It would streamline code in the dhpcd.c

Thank you,
Boris Krasnovskiy

On Dec 27, 2020, at 4:15 PM, Roy Marples <roy@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 27/12/2020 20:21, Roy Marples wrote:
Hi Boris
On 25/12/2020 01:23, Boris Krasnovskiy wrote:
The problem, vanished I cannot duplicate it any more. So I guess all is working until I can figure out the condition that broke this.
No problem.
I've managed to get my Linux Pinebook up and running and I've tested my patch extensively and seems to work flawlessly - although I was dummy testing using a wire as my AP has no roaming parts.
Final patch is here:

Small adjustment:


Re: dhcpcd kills all connections on Wi-Fi roaming betweenaccesspointsRoy Marples
Re: dhcpcd kills all connections on Wi-Fi roaming betweenaccesspointsBoris Krasnovskiy
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