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Igor Pellegrini

Sat Dec 19 16:06:47 2020

Da: Roy Marples <roy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Inviato: sabato 19 dicembre 2020 16:35
A: Igor Pellegrini <kairos_@xxxxxxx>
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On 19/12/2020 15:28, Igor Pellegrini wrote:

>So people could run a static setup without DHCP.
>Some platforms just configure dhcpcd and ignore the underlying OS so the same 
>setup works on Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.

I see, it makes quite sense.

>So it's likely that your DHCP server doesn't want you to tell it what IP you want and you're at the mercy of it.
>So it's either a static IP and ignore DHCP or use DHCP.

Sob :(
Ok, I'll find way to deal with it.

>If you want to run anything server behind DHCP, you are sadly at the mercy of 
>DHCP and have to cater for that rather than trying to make DHCP something else.

Yes, I'll try to rethink my approach, given all these new info.

>It means don't remove the configuration when dhcpcd exists.
>That is all.

Ooh, so the config is retained after reboot, but is not being written in the conf file.
I have issues in modifying/appending on the conf file with few additional options, rather than replacing it; because of not knowing if there's some incompatible previous instruction that would need to be removed. I just hoped dhcpcd offered an easy way to edit the file programmatically.

Armed of stubbornness and practically no knowledge of c++, I'm taking a look at dhcpcd-ui's `config.h`
to understand if I can eventually reuse it 😅
Cross fingers 🤞🏼

Have a nice evening tho!

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