dhcpcd complains "no valid interfaces found"

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Mon Dec 14 23:39:02 2020


My custom distro uses openrc. I am using dhcpcd for network management. At
boot dhcpcd prints this

dhcpcd-8.1.6 starting
udev: starting
dev: loaded udev
no valid interfaces found
timed out
forking to background
forked to background, child pid 972

When I run command "ip a", lo interface is in state UNKNOWN and all other
interfaces are DOWN . My openrc startup script for dhcpcd is like below

command_args="-d -j /var/log/dhcpcd.log --waitip=4 -c
name="DHCP Client Daemon"

depend() {
    provide net
    need localmount
    use logger network
    after bootmisc modules
    before dns

How do get dhcpcd to bring up my interfaces and get IPv4 on them.


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