Re: dhcpcd fails on arch Linux 32-bit

Roy Marples

Fri Dec 11 22:18:28 2020

Hi Steve

On 11/12/2020 22:12, Steve Hirsch wrote:
Hi Roy,

It appears the last version of dhcpcd that runs successfully on 32-bit Arch Linux is 9.2.

Version 9.3 from the Arch Linux 32-bit repository fails.

I compiled the latest version from git (9.4 commit e7c2233) and it also fails with the same errors.

I’ve attached the relevant journal entries.  Some entries are duplicated due to the debug option

turned on.  The system is running on VirtualBox with 32-bit Arch Linux 5.9.11 and Pentium4 architecture.

It also fails on real hardware and 686 architecture as well.

As mentioned earlier, dhcpcd version 9.2 runs fine.

Thanks for looking at this…

Could you run this command please?

strace -o /tmp/dhcpcd-strace.log -f dhcpcd -dB

It should tell us where it is crashing.
I don't have a 32-bit Linux setup to test with sadly :/


dhcpcd fails on arch Linux 32-bitSteve Hirsch
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