dhcpcd seg faulting dhcp_handledhcp

Roger Hegstrom

Tue Apr 30 20:19:56 2019

I'm running linux as a router/firewall for my home and was noticing dhcpcd was seg faulting like within 6 hours.

enp0s10 is my wan interface, and enp5s12( is my lan interface ..

I added the following lines to dhcp.c in the function dhcp_handledhcp and it stops the seg faulting but im wondering why its happening.

>>>        if (state == NULL) {
>>>                logdebugx("%s: dhcp_handledhcp from %s: state->xid is NULL!!", ifp->name, inet_ntoa(*from) );
>>>                return;
>>>        }

after like a couple hours ill get this msg(normally dhcpcd would just seg fault):

>>> enp5s12: dhcp_handledhcp from state->xid is NULL!!
>>>enp5s12: dhcp_handledhcp from state->xid is NULL!!

dhcpcd should only be running on my wan interface(enp0s10) so i dont understand why my lan interface(enp5s12) is getting caught up in this..

Forgive me if i dont know howto explain it any better. If you need any more information let me know.



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